Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The tomatoes will be here soon!

This is a photo of T-Farm greenhouse tomatoes, taken yesterday.  These tomatoes were already spoken for so many people have asked, "Where are my tomatoes?" and the answer is "on the vine in the hot sun."

As most of you probably know, the hot weather is very helpful in the growth of tomatoes, and yesterday as I was pruning 100+ plants I saw just how much active growth there has been in just the last week, and it is a lot.

So we will soon be adding a sign up on the blog (links to facebook of course) for those of you who want to be first in line for some fantastic tomatoes in August.  Many of these varieties are good for both canning and eating so if you are willing to boil some water and can your surplus, a box of tomatoes need not have any go to waste. 

Next time the hot sun and heat gets to you, remember the tomatoes love it!

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