Sunday, October 9, 2011

Inexpensive Greenhouses extend season

If you would like to extend your growing season, but have never considered a greenhouse due to cost or the difficulty installing, the good news is there are other options available.  For less then $350, you can get an 8'x10' "tent style" greenhouse at our Amazon General Store.  These photos show one of these greenhouses in Madison, Wisconsin with some very healthy pepper plants producing lots of fruit in pots in late September of this year (2011).
With a small electric heater, you could extend the growing season even longer, though it would not make much sense in a cold climate like Wisconsin to run the heater through the coldest months of December, January and February.

To install one of these Greenhouses, you can either install them on bare ground or lay treated 4x4s or 4x6s in a rectangle on the ground and use landscape spikes to secure them.  Then you simply screw the base pieces to the wood base.

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