Thursday, May 10, 2012

Heirloom Tomato Discussion May 20th, 2012

On Sunday, May 20th from 4:00-5:00PM, you may buy plants at the Crossroads Coffee House at 2020 Main Street, Cross Plains, WI (608) 798-2080. ‎ T-Farm will be there discussing the importance of growing heirloom plants, and some plants may be on hand for purchase.

The following varieties of heirloom tomatoes will be available:

Gary IBen's Gold Potato leaf plant produces lots of very juicy, 14 oz. , brilliant orange-gold globes with tropical fruit flavors with enough acid balance to guarantee a burst of tomato delight.
Orange Plum From Russia. Plant produces huge amounts of small, orange, plum-shaped tomatoes that have a sweet burst of flavor and a slightly tart finish.
Sasha Altai Hearty tomato plant that produces very good yields of 4-6 oz., thinned-skinned, bright red, slightly flattened, round tomatoes with an award-winning complex flavor. Excellent for canning, salads and making tomato juice.
Ace 55 Produces an abundant crop of 12-14 oz. red globes with good flavor. This variety has lower acidity than many other tomatoes.
Legend Short, bushy, determinate, regular-leaf tomato plants that yield early-bearing, 14 to 16-ounce, 3 to 4-inch, smooth, round, blemish-free, red tomatoes that have wonderful, delicious sweet flavors. They are balanced well with just the right amount of acidity to invite praise. This tomato was also bred to be resistant to late blight fungus. A great salad and canning tomato.
Louisiana Pink Very good yields of 3-4 oz., globe shaped, salad-type fruit. These have been bred to be wilt resistant. The fruit are of medium size, smooth and quite deep from stem to blossom ends.
Black Crimson The Black Krim comes from the Isle of Krim in the Black Sea which was once part of the former Soviet Union. A dark, beefsteak-type tomato with a delicious, strongly flavored and even slightly salty taste that is perfect for slicing and cooking. Also suitable for container/patio gardens.
Click here for a complete description from the 2011 harvest.
Principe Borghese Italian heirloom tomato that is great for drying or canning.
Click here for a complete description from the 2011 harvest.
Polish Linguisa Polish Linguisa is an heirloom tomato brought to New York by Polish gardeners in the 1800's. The plants produce excellent yields of long, 10-ounce, 2-inch diameter, banana-shaped, bright red paste tomatoes that are perfect for making paste or sauce, and slicing or drying. Plants produce well until frost.


Large plants in 4" Peat Pots (no re-potting, just plant in soil) - $3.00 each
Smaller plants 4 pack cells $5.00 (for 4)

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