Sunday, June 17, 2012

Double-Decker Tomato Sandwich

Now that more fresh tomatoes are coming off the vine, the question for those of us that REALLY love fresh tomatoes is how to possibly work more of them into a meal.

Before the T-Farm tomatoes started ripening this year, I had a very nice sandwich the other day with a local tomato slice on it that was maybe 1/4" thick.  It tasted pretty good, but the flavor was not quite all there in my opinion. (Perhaps it was not picked red)

Anyway,  if you slice open a large tomato, and make the slices that thin, there better be a pretty large group of people ready to eat or you will have to find another use for the rest of the tomato.  In short, sandwiches can be a slow and limited way to eat tomatoes if prepared in this fashion.

And then there is the Double-Decker tomato sandwich, which is truly a lycopene packed innovation that solves the sandwich/tomato dilemma.   The sandwich shown above was created by my friend Mike yesterday with a rye bread I had baked and some T-Farm tomatoes and basil layered with some white cheddar.  If this wasn't Wisconsin I suspect the cheese may not have been doubled!

After copying the design of this structural sandwich, I can tell that you it tastes every bit as good as it looks.  With the Midwest weather as nice as it has been so far this year, many of us may need to find new ways to eat all of the garden bounty, and this is a great way to go!  Enjoy!

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